SONIC MSS+ Stainless steel worktop full height composition Art. no. 5881104

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SONIC MSS+ Stainless steel worktop full height composition Art. no. 5881104

Art. no. 5881104


Article numberPiecesDescription
50360031MSS+ 360mm reel cabinet
50655011MSS+ 650mm tall cabinet, left-handed door
50720011MSS+ 720mm drawer cabinet, 8 drawers
50720081MSS+ 720mm wall cabinet with tambour door
50720101MSS+ 720mm storage cabinet, right-handed door
50720121MSS+ 720mm waste bin/recycle cabinet
50890011MSS+ 890mm drawer cabinet, 8 drawers
50890081MSS+ 890mm wall cabinet with tambour door
59994052MSS+ post 50x50x1997mm
59994066MSS+ post 100x50x1997mm
59997011MSS+ stainless steel worktop 360x650x20mm
59997022MSS+ stainless steel worktop 720x650x20mm
59997061MSS+ stainless steel worktop 1610x650x20mm
59999021MSS+ blank back panel, 619x120mm
59999041MSS+ blank back panel, 789x120mm
59999081MSS+ blank back panel, 259x1104mm
59999092MSS+ blank back panel, 619x1104mm

Install MSS+ wherever you like. Without any restrictions.

Create the ultimate workplace with the Modular Storage Solutions plus, made by Sonic. The self-supporting system is compatible to almost every working area where walls are no longer needed. Install the MSS+ wherever you like without any restrictions, due to following features:

  • Solid construction
  • Extra-large base
  • Designed to outlast the life expectancy of the module
  • Simple and easy to adjust for perfect levelling, MSS+ is equipped with heavy-duty levelling feet

Store more. In less space

The cabinet drawers are installed with either 123kg or 230kg capacity* slides per drawer.

Standard low, extra deep drawers - 123kg capacity per drawer

High, extra high drawers - 230kg capacity per drawer

  • Eliminates deformation of the drawer

  • Less strain on the drawer and cabinet, improved lifetime

  • Wide variety of drawer sizes

  • All high and extra high drawers include ventilation slots

  • Bottom drawers include power bar 2x USB and 4x 110V/230V (not for portable cabinets)

  • Ergonomic handle in extruded/anodized black aluminium

  • Drawers 100% retractable

  • Full height drawer sidewalls

  • Easy access also allows you to reach the tools/parts positioned at the back of the drawer

* Portable cabinets include regular Sonic slides: 40 or 80kg capacity per drawer.

Security in all cases.

The industry has long been aware of the risk of tipping cabinets and for decades has installed anti-tilt systems as a standard feature to minimize the danger to office workers. Initially, simple anti-tilt devices were used to prevent multiple drawers being opened simultaneously. However, these devices were not entirely fool-proof as it was possible to override them. With the introduction of MSS+, Sonic introduces a German safety drawer blocking system, which effectively prevents simultaneous opening of drawers and ensures anti-tilt security. A must-have for the portable cabinets and toolboxes.

  • Eliminates risk of tipping over

  • The weight of the closed drawers stabilizes the entire cabinet

  • MSS+ is fitted with a central lock system to lock all drawers and completely prevent access

Dutch-made slides. Maximum capacity.

Dutch-made sliding systems, 123kg/230kg capacity*. The factory in The Netherlands, designed and produced tailor made slides especially for this MSS+ project. Their technical knowledge combined with the use of high quality materials and an extensive quality control program, allows us to develop high quality slides incorporating the highest standard for the industry: ISO/TS16949.

The MSS+ slide is very robust and rigid. This roll formed, extra heavy duty telescopic ball bearing slide exceeds a load capacity of 123kg/230kg with minimum deflection. This type of slides include heavy duty stops and have aunique ball cage design. The slides contain a pull in with fall safe.

  • Highest quality heavy duty telescopic ball bearing slides available on the market

  • Ensure maximum reliability, precision and smoothness for the lifespan of the MSS+ unit

* Portable cabinets include regular Sonic slides:40 or 80kg capacity per drawer.

AkzoNobel. Protection and perfection.

Great looks, durable & amazing protection
Full automatic digitally managed electro-static powder coating system. Sonic assures consistent premium quality.
AkzoNobel provides the best paint for our MSS+ to ensure a consistent, high quality finishing.

  • The best protection against scratches, abrasion and corrosion

  • Ensures a top notch look for the lifetime of the unit

  • An AkzoNobel paint, made in the Netherlands

Security made convenient.

The German-made MSS+ fix code lock is designed to provide convenient and safe security for personal storage or storage shared by small project teams. The code can be freely programmed and changed whenever required. Users do not have to carry a key around with them, so no security risk and cost involved to replace lost keys. To protect security, the integrated scramble ensures automatical reset of the dials during opening and closing.

In the event that a user forgets his personal code, the emergency key provides rapid, on-site solution: the emergency key can be used to provide emergency access and also to reset the code.

Ergonomic and image.

MSS+ designed a complete new ergonomic drawer handle system. Various computer drawing designs, 3D printing samples and testings were needed to create the ultimate MSS+ drawer handle. All drawer handles include on each side a rubber end cap, with the famous S-logo of the Sonic brand.

  • Ergonomic design

  • Adequate clearing space on drawer pullers

  • Quality you can feel and see

Power wherever you need it.

The Sonic power bar is designed to give you power wherever you need it. This feature provides a convenient means to power your tools and charge any device with ease and efficiency. 

  • A must have in the modern workplace

  • Integrated in bottom drawer of drawer cabinets (except portable cabinets) and wall cabinets

  • Safety covers

Improved accessibility.

Our MSS+ wall cabinets are outfitted with high quality gas struts and Austria-made Blum soft close hinges.
These features were designed to improve the overall accessibility and convenience when using the overhead storage wall cabinets.

Customize your MSS+

In the Sonic Foam System (SFS) the tools are stored in a well organized, chemical resistant, laser engraved foam inlay. With the SFS you can customize your drawers to fit your working needs and demands.

  • Better-organized, quickly accessible for fast workability

  • Ergonomic lay-out

  • Two tone color system for convenient overview of missing tools

  • During storage, the tools will not be damaged

  • Sizes of tools are mentioned on the foam